Hematology analyzer - Samsung LABGEO HC10

This Hematology analyzer provides results in just 45 seconds. With a simple three-step testing process and the use of automated sample loader, this device is easy to use and prevents contamination

Rapid Performance & High Throughput
The Samsung LABGEOHC10 offers fast test results, taking 45 seconds per sample.
Accurate Diagnosis
The Samsung LABGEOHC10 is capable of providing accurate diagnosis of 18 parameters.
3-Step Testing Process
The Samsung LABGEOHC10automatically performs the test when you insert the sample tube into the sample loader and press the Start button. The results will be ready for you in 45 seconds.
Auto Sample Loader
The Auto Sample Loader protects the user from the threat of contamination from blood samples. It prevents sample contamination, which increases the accuracy of the test.

Samsung Medical Equipment monitors the equipment status in real-time using an RMS and provides quick, customized services.Customers have the option of receiving remote repair services using Remote Access Assistance.
Data Manager
Samsung LABGEO Data Manager can be used to connect the Samsung LABGEOHC10 to a local PC within the hospital for the efficient transmission, printing and management of test results.
IT Solution
By using the LAN port,the user can manage the test results from a PC and update the system software automatically and experience digital technologies through the product's connectivity via USB to peripheral devices.