VIPSAFE F608 Audio Recorder Jammer

VIPSAFE F608 Audio Recorder Jammer

Audio Recorder Jammer is a device that prevents the non-authorized recording of your conversations with audio cassette recorders or audio digital recorders. VIPSFE F608 suppresses the operation of the recorders by radiating noise interference.The parameters of the noise interference are specially applied for suppression of many types of recorders.
In addition, you can use this jammer device to protect yourself from being listened by many types of the eavesdropping systems such as audio mini transmitters.

● You can use this jammer as a desktop device in your office, as a standalone device in your briefcase.
● It is specially designed (desk clock-type) and disguises its actual functioning, you can put any office item on top of it (such as phone set, penholder, etc.), thus, you can hide functioning of the jammer from anyone who is trying to get the confidential information.
● It is a portable device. It comes with carrying bag.
● It is a portable device. It comes with carrying bag.
● It can be completed with a bullet-proof briefcase.
● You can use the remote control unit to activate/deactivate the jamming.
● It does not make any acoustic noises when it is working.
● No effect for woman in pregnancy and pacemakers.
● No effect for magnetic supports (tapes, credit cards, diskettes and so on).