Thermal Imager

TacSight SE35 Thermal Imager

TacSight® SE35 Thermal ImagerUtilizing the latest in thermal imaging technology, the Bullard SE35 is a powerful tool for tactical, surveillance and scene assessment applications. Enabling law enforcement personnel to see heat signatures of objects, people and other sources, officers can distinguish people from their immediate surroundings. Featuring 4X Digital Zoom, the Bullard SE35 provides maximum human form detection at a distance, becoming a long-range nighttime surveillance tool in zoom mode. Incorporating the ability to switch from a “white hot” to a “black hot” image allowing it to illuminate details that might otherwise be overlooked, the Bullard SE35 offers the ultimate tool in law enforcement.

4X Digital Zoom provides maximum human form detection at 450 meters
Incorporates the ability to switch from a “white hot” to a “black hot” image, illuminating details that may otherwise be missed
Display can be dimmed or turned off to prevent detection
Variable Focus feature allows the SE35 to resolve objects from ½ meter out to infinity
Small, lightweight design
Completely waterproof
High performance energy
Interoperable with thousands of Bullard thermal imagers and accessories  
TacSight® SE35 Thermal Imager