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SH-055UMW Handheld GSM Bug_3G Spy camera detector

SH-055UMW Handheld GSM Bug_3G Spy camera detector

This new portable Mobile Phone Detector / Mobile Internet detector / Satellite phone detector is made for detecting satellite, phone, 2G & 3G cell phones (all current generations and all networks) ,communication in prison, office or government and military premise.

This new GSM, CDMA & 3G Mobile Phone Detector can expose unauthorized mobile communication, mobile internet & disclose GSM bug, 3G spy camera.

This 2G & 3G Mobile Phone Detectors / Mobile internet detector is special designed insensitive with 2-way raido. So, it will not be interfered with 2-way radio easily. This feature makes this device well suited to use in the places where not allowed for cellphone communication, yet the security person communicate via 2-way radio.

This Cellphone Detector is superior sensitivity detector, can detect WCDMA (European 3G) up to 15 meters; CDMA (American 3G) and GSM, iDEN, PHS, AMPS and Wireless camera signals up to 20 meters.

The 2G & 3G Mobile Phone Detectors has a user friendly interface having a visible display of detection and signal strength with sufficient indications to locate the close proximity of the cell phone in use.

The Mobile Phone Detector can detect unauthorized 3G mobile internetting.

● 100% legal use in all the world.
● Insensitive with 2-way radio.
● Superior sensitivity: can detect WCDMA (2100Mhz) up to 15 meters; CDMA 800 and GSM, iDEN, PHS, AMPS up to 20 meters.
● Detect all bands of wireless camera of 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8 GHz and WiFi.



L 150 x W 80 x T 30 (mm) 


about 310g (included batteries) 

Battery life

about 4 hours after full charge


Built-in rechargeable battery

Switching power adapter

Warning modes

Visible and audible alarm

Visible alarm and silent

Detecting frequency bands: 


WCDMA ( European 3G), CDMA (American 3G)

Wireless camera : 500 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz

Detecting distance: 

WCDMA ( 2100MHz) : up to 15 meters. 

CDMA 800, 2G (GSM, iDEN, AMPS, PHS, PCS) : up to 20 meters