Nonlinear Node Detector

Most advanced Electronic Counter Surveillance Receiver Scanl

Most advanced Electronic Counter Surveillance Receiver Scanlock M3

Designed to counter the latest advances in eavesdropping devices, the Scanlock M3 will keep your secrets safe. The Scanlock M3 is able to Search and Locate signals and also is the only product on the market which can identify the type of signal being transmitted.
Robustly designed for a variety of applications, the Scanlock M3 can be used for desk top or mobile application. Developed with a touch screen display specifically for ease of use by users, of all technical ability. The result is total peace of mind that your confidential information will be 100% secure.
The Scanlock M3 also has a range of accessories including:
Cable Checker – Provides rapid ability to check for active illicit transmitters on wide range of cable types.
30GHz Antenna – Provides the ability to receive signals from 10GHz up to 30GHz using their existing Scanlock M3 unit.