Forensic Lightsource

High Intensity Linear Light Source Crime-lite 82L

High Intensity Linear Light Source Crime-lite 82L

Sixteen high intensity white LEDs are mounted behind a cylindrical lens to give a wide linear light beam that is ideal for detecting surface debris and shoe prints in dust. Blue, green and red clip on filters are also available to enhance contrast and a telescopic pole adds convenience for prolonged floor searches.

New and Improved Features
The new Crime-lite 82L range replaces the Crime-lite 80L and has the following advantages:

* Lighter weight and with an improved lower angle beam
* Lighter, high capacity lithium ion batteries and low battery indicator
* 40 minutes of operating time on fully charged battery with constant light output throughout
* Battery charge time only 22 minutes
* Option to mount battery on the Crime-lite 82 for more convenient handling
* Compatible with Crime-lite 80, 24v NiMH batteries

The Crime-lite 82 range has been classified to the latest safety standard IEC62471:2008.