Forensic Lightsource

LED Forensic Light Source Crime-lite 2

LED Forensic Light Source Crime-lite 2

The Crime-lite2 range of LED forensic light sources are suitable for laboratory and crime scene investigations, providing intense, even and shadow free illumination for locating evidence.

The range includes a white light model for general search and seven narrow band wavelengths in UV, violet, blue, blue-green, green, orange, and red. Body fluids, fibres, or other trace evidence is made easily visible by flourescence or colour contrast. Accessories include flourescence viewing goggles or spectacles, a clip-on magnifying lens, battery charger, camera filters and a tripod mount for photography.

The Crime-lite2 range are available individually or in cased crime scene kits with accessories.

General features
* Long life high intensity LED light sources
* Range of wavelengths including UV and white
* Uniform shadow free light beam
* Constant light output throughout battery charge
* Rechargeable batteries
* Flat battery indicator
* Robust and splashproof
* Portable crime scene kits
* Full range of accessories