Explosive & Drug

Letter Bomb Scanners

Letter bomb scanners

Provide reassurance for mailroom staff with the SCANMAIL 10K. The 10K is easy to use and will alarm automatically on suspect packages. It will detect common mailbomb components regardless of the type of explosive used, plastic or otherwise. You can quickly screen handfuls of mail or small packages and the 10K’s ability to bypass ordinary metallic stationery items such as paperclips and staples means there is no disruption nor delay in daily mailroom procedures.

● Fast and reliable. Quickly screen bundles of mail and parcels up to 2.5” (6cm) thick. (about the size of a standard telephone directory).
●Automatic Verification. Alarms instantly on potentially harmful items of mail I.e. mailbombs and their components (batteries, detonators), razor blades, weapons. Provides both audible and visual alarms.
●Discrimination. Ignores completely harmless stationery items such as paperclips and staples to avoid disruption to normal business and mail handling procedures.
●Safe and Easy to Use. Ready to operate right from the shipping carton. Requires no calibration, set-up or operator training. Emits no radiation and will not damage camera film, magnetic tape nor computer discs. Incorporates extra back-up circuitry.
●Portable. Weights just 9 kgs (18 lbs). Can be moved to reception areas for spot checks on hand-delivered items and courier deliveries. Integral battery can be used when mains power not available.

●Power supply
Switchable 110/220V, 50/60 Hz
●Integral Battery
12V nominal DC, Internally fused at 4.0A
●Back-Up Operation
Integral battery with automatic recharge suppliesapproximately 3 hours operating power if Mains Power unavailable.
Incorporates Back-up Circuitry which can be switched on in unlikely event of unit malfunction. All circuitry is modular to facilitate service and module exchange.
Unpacked: 16” (40cm) x 18” (45cm) x 9”(22cm).
Wt: 18 lbs (9kgs)
Packed: 22” (55cm) x 20” (51cm) x 13” (32cm).
Wt: 30lbs (14 lbs)