RapidHIT PowerPlex 16 HS Kit

High Success RateRapidHIT PowerPlex 16 HS Kit
● 100% genotype concordance for all samples and positive controls
● 95% full profile and CODIS success rate
Reliable and Robust Performance
● Developed based on gold-standard PCR and CE technologies
● Tested over wide range of PCR conditions and with multiple inhibitors
Requires only ~3 minutes of hands-on time, 90 minutes to results
See RapidHIT® and PowerPlex® 16 Kit Developmental Validation and Application Performances
Full Concordance In The Presence of Inhibitors
High Sensitivity and Accuracy
● 100% concordance for 2800 Control DNA at DNA levels equivalent to one cheek touch or scrape (~100 ng)
week to one month old. For each category, five samples were typed.
Retractable Swab Enables Re-Typing of Samples
RapidHIT® PowerPlex®  16 Kit Specifications
 Specification Description
Samples Per Run Up to 5 samples (Positive and Negative controls included)
Sample Types Buccal swabs, blood and casework samples
Number of Loci 16 Loci
Allelic Ladder PowerPlex® 16 Kit allelic ladder
Hands-on Time ~3 minutes
Run time ~ 90 minutes
Storage Refrigerated (2–8 °C)
Order RapidHIT® PowerPlex® 16 Kits
Catalog Number Kit Description Samples/Kit
400049 RapidHIT® 5 Sample Kit, PowerPlex® 16 HS (1 pack) 5 samples