Computer Forensics

Atola Insight(USB)


Comprehensive Utilities for Professional Data Recovery & Forensic Investigation
1. HDD DiagnosisAtola Insight(USB)
Accurately evaluates a hard drive's health and pinpoint specific problems, which enables users to take all factors into account before moving forward with a recovery job.
2. Firmware Recovery
Recognizes firmware corruption using its advanced diagnostic module, repairs it with a single mouse click for supported HDDs, or provides direct access to firmware files for non-supported HDDs.
3. HDD Duplication
Allows users to completely customize their imaging processes to suit each recovery job.
4. File Recovery
Simple, intuitive and effective file recovery system integrates seamlessly with Disk Duplication and Case Management systems to effectively extract data.

Special Features
In-depth Diagnosis:It is the only product that carries out hard drive diagnosis at the deepest possible level. It examines PCB, motor, each head, media surface, rmware, partitions and le system fully automatically with a single click, and can even diagnose un-recognizable hard drives.
Efficient Imaging:With a measured max speed 180 MB/s, it utilizes multi-pass imaging to get best possible results in an ecient way. The customizable process allow users to adjust parameters, and make other changes with a single or several mouse clicks.
Firmware Recovery:It recognizes rmware corruption and repairs it after a single click, or provides direct access to rmware les for expert technicians to manually repair it.
Password Removal:It recognizes locked hard drives and automatically extract or remove an ATA password from the hard drive's rmware area within 2 minutes by several mouse clicks.
File Recovery:This step is closely integrated with the imaging module, which creates a bad sector map and allows the file recovery module to automatically mark up all les hit by bad sectors.
Disk Utilities:Users can set/remove ATA passwords, wipe hard drives, modify HPA feature set, compare data on 2 devices by sectors, and accomplish many other HDD management jobs.
Case Management:The system tracks and records every action taken on the disk. It detects every hard drive upon connection, keeps the entire case history, and recalls any case quickly and easily.

Selective Head Imaging
The highly flexible imaging function allows the operator to identify the status of each individual read/write head and select heads to carry out data transfer.

Hardware Unit with USB Connection
The hardware (USB version) in Atola Insight system is the physical tool that mounts the hard drive and connects it to the operator's computer. It has a more affordable price than Ethernet unit (an alternative hardware version of Atola Insight system) and transfers data at speeds up to 40 MB/sec (UDMA speed)

Comparison table of Ethernet hardware (an alternative hardware version of Atola Insight system) unit and USB hardware unit:
Atola Insight(USB)